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High quality of organic honey

Apicoltura Burato produces organic honey in full compliance with the quality criteria and in the uncontaminated territories of the Alpone Valley, according to the directives in force in Italy, obtaining a high quality product. In fact, particular attention is paid to the choice of sites for apiaries, favoring environments far from urban centers. Our honey is 100% organic and Made in Italy, we guarantee our Italian production and we are committed to providing you with a good and controlled product.


Apicoltura Burato honey is 100% Italian from hives located in areas of particular value in the Val d’Alpone Valley (VR)


Propolis is a substance of a resinous and balsamic nature, collected by bees.


Pollen is one of the richest substances found in nature, its collection by the bee is a very complex operation.


It’s the secretion of the pharyngeal glands of the young worker bees. It comes in the form of fluid gelatin, whitish in color, tending to yellow. Royal jelly looks like a gelatinous substance, which is why it is also called ``royal jelly``. Its color is yellowish-white with pearly reflections, astringent in the mouth and with a sour taste, similar to that of yogurt, but also slightly sugary.


Beekeeping Burato produces with his honey flavored candies: eucalyptus mint and honey candies, propolis candies, pine drops candies, honey drops candies, mint and licorice candies, balsamic sugar free candies with propolis, gel candies (gummy) with honey and strawberry flavor, gel candies (gummy) with lemon flavor.

I love this honey candies

I bought honey candies online, my kids really like them, and so do I. Excellent products

Elisabetta C.


I bought the forest honeydew, is very good and the Tarassaco’s honey Very good products, excellent prices and it all came home after 2 days from the order.

Eleonora P.

Excellent quality products

I've always loved honey, but this is of superior quality, I also took the beekeeper's syrup, fantastic. Fast and accurate deliveries.

Federico M.

Fast and accurate

I ordered honeydew and acacia honey, the package arrived after 2 days, precise and fast in delivery, the honey is very good.

Martina F.


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